New Building

The need for a new church building was discussed in 1992 when it was evident that the facilty was not meeting the required needs of the growing
congregation. Stepping out in faith, The Leadership Team appointedlevelling_ground
a new Building Committee in 2003. Our goal in building the new church is to:

  • Build it to the Glory of God for the advancement of His kingdom and glory in the Rainy River District.
  • Provide much needed classroom space within the church
    Larger, safer parking lot
  • Provide a wheel chair accessible facility for people to come and worship
  • Offer a community building that can be a venue for large gatherings;
    weddings, funerals, concerts, conferences, etc.

Mark 10:27 “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.”
With fundraising events that brought the community together along with
wall_polesgenerous donations enough money has been raised for Phase one: the Purchase of land and the shell of the building erected.
The impressive new building is 152′x 80″ with a drive through canopy over
the front entry. The inside has been insulated with vapour barrier & strapping has been applied to the walls. The hydro has been run, and the septic field is in. We are greatly encouraged by all that has taken place, and give God all the praise and glory! We continue to move forward with anticipation. Our new church is wheelchair accessible, features a sanctuary seating 240 people, a central fellowship area, wheel chair accessible washrooms, administration area, multiple classrooms, kitchen, and
multi purpose area, (pot luck dinners and youth activities) and an outside area composed of flat playfields and trees.

We need your prayers.

We’re anxious to hold services in our new church and sing praises to our
faithful Lord. However, before we can do that, we need to continue in the task that God has given us. The interior last_rafterportion of the building must be completed.
Neh. 8:10 “The joy of the Lord is your strength.

Although our numbers are small we are a dedicated people to do God’s work. Presently we offer an Alpha program, Youth Group, Leadership
and Worship Teams, Fellowship Bible Coffee, Prayer Meetings twice weekly, Men’s Breakfast, Ladies Fellowship, Sunday School for both adults and teens, Teen Canoe Trip, Summer Vacation Bible School, Summer Camp Programs, Retreats, Missions Support, visits to Young Star House for wayward teens, Apples of Gold for young girls, and Apple Cores for young boys, and a weekly quilting group for ladies and we wish to expand into further programs.We have a dire need to provide even more programs for youth, adults and senior citizens in the community .

Our goal is to spread the word of Jesus through future programs such as becoming a Cantagious Chrisitan, Drama Group , Musical Groups ,Men’s Mentoring Program , Mission’s Presentations and Musicians, and many more.

Our future looks promising, and with your prayers and financial assistance we can all make it happen.

Church Building Updates:
cement_floorSeptember 25, 2007: We poured the floor, what an undertaking. A professional cement crew came in from Manitoba to level and work the cement as if was delivered. Many trucks from Baudette, Minnesota, delivered cement all day. Using pumps they poured the cement as the crew leveled and smoothed it. The floor looks fantastic.
October 1, 2007: We had our first church service in the new building, on the cement floor. It was wonderful to spend time in the place that so much hours have been spent. Chairs and tables were delivered and Pastor Mark Mast preached and Pastor Gordon shared. Everyone hung around after the service and had lunch.
January 16, 2007: Since out last report we have gyproced the ceiling and four walls, intalled electricity, intalled the furnace and are preparing for partitions walls, insulated ceiling. Things are moving along. Praise God we are presently debt free. As God provides we move ahead. Thank you all for your prayers and generous support.
A special thank you for the teams that have travelled to Rainy River giving up their time to help us out with our church project. Youth from Drenthe Christian Reformed Church, Zeeland, Michigan came during the summer months and not only help lay steel and pipes for the floor of our church but doing jobs for the town. This fall parents from the same church came and helped with gyproc on all the walls. Thank you, thank you.
May 23, 2008: We forged ahead during the last month, getting much work completed. The Inspector was pleased with the work thus far. The architect was also on site and was impressed with all the work to standards. The electrical ceiling-workinspection has also been done with that being passed as well to day.
Many, many people have come on board, including youth, and we are blessed with the help both from within our church family and from ALL who come from outside out church as well. We are gaining momentum as we complete room by room of walls, insulation, gyp roc and paint. We are finishing up the building of walls and now the rooms beginning with the kitchen are being painted. The ladies met to discuss kitchen plans, and the Building Committee has also met to discuss further issues, incliding the decorating. The kitchen has been painted green with the cupboards being built as we speak. We’ve entered negotiations with a drywall finisher for the central area. The men are presently finishing plastering tghe library and it won’t be long until we are in the painting stage for that room. We have a volunteer to do up the library shelves for us also. The other class rooms are being insulated church-service1and gyp rocked as we go along, so there is presnently work in that area. We also need people for cleanup and to provide lunches. If you can be of help, our work parties continue throughout the week days with the main focus being Wednesdays and Saturdays